Web Design

Web applications are the business strategies and policies that are implemented on the Web though through Business and Data services. At Sophia Technology, we have an experienced and a dedicated team to analyze your business requirements and accordingly deliver web solutions for your best advantage. Moreover, we make use of the best technical knowledge and methodological processes for ensuring that you get the best service. Our talented cluster of software engineers, programmers, web designers as well as technical architects has comprehensive experience across various industry domains. You can trust us to design and develop optimal solutions catering perfectly to your business objectives. Our talent pool of web designers, software engineers, programmers and technical architects have vast experience of successfully catering to all their customers Our processes are guided by the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Some of our Web Application Development services include:

• Designing and Programming of the Database
• Importing the data
• Dynamic page creation
• Developing the web interface for entering data
• Creating customized website engine
• Innovate the existing script by adding new features

Languages & Platforms

• PHP Programming
• ASP .NET / ASP Programming
• C# Programming
• Java Programming
• VB .NET Programming
• AJAX Programming
• ActionScript Programming
• Oracle Developer 2000
• Joomla Customization

Operating Environments

• Microsoft Windows
• Linux
• Sun Solaris